my life ( i guess ?)

"i'm not cool enough to be in a band"
Brooklyn Beckham will never want me but I'm still fab

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Hangin’ out  Down the street

They’re so fucking baked


I really love when music legends defend 5 Seconds of Summer. Like it’s literally my favorite thing.

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YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

This belongs more on Facebook than it does on tumblr.

i think you’re missing out on some of tumblr then… but it should be on facebook too, it should be on every social media site!

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was I too harsh

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Jennifer Saunders (Fairy Godmother) - Holding Out for A Hero


this is my 5th most played song on my ipod

no regrets

This is still one of the best songs in animated history

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102 chicken nuggets

why would you order 17 of 6 instead of 5 of 20… that shit’s expensive as hell

Getting 2 four pieces is cheaper then 1 6 piece know your nuggets

but getting 1 20 piece is cheaper than 3 6 pieces KNOW YOUR NUGGETS

this is how word problems for math books are started, isn’t it.

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It so confusing when people say “the boys.” Who are you talking about? 5 Seconds of Summer? One Direction? The Jonas Brothers? All 43 US Presidents? Nobody knows. 

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this is probably going to be looked at once or twice, and that’s it but honestly I don’t give a fuck. I’m so sick of seeing people talk down to/about 5SOS. saying how they don’t deserve to be on the cover of AP bc they are “One Direction looking faggots” and “little Justin Bieber’s”, and they are just another pop band. my question is what does looks have to do with being on a fucking magazine cover have to do with ANYTHING!? last time I checked it was the AP magazine NOT mother fucking vogue! these dudes have done everything under the sun to get their names out there, and having the opportunity to do what they dreamed of doing. not going to lie, they’re music has a pop feel to it.. but they also incorporate rock in it, its the best of both worlds. it’s pop-rock for a reason! these boys have taken the image of what a pop-rock/pop-punk band looks like and changed it completely. before 5SOS was big, nobody really payed attention to pop-rock/pop-punk, except for the fans of it already. the boys are bringing light back to those genres, and bringing fans right along. while all these lame fucks are complaining about their poor magazine becoming a “pop magazine” and pop-punk music no longer being that, those boys are busting their asses, showing those dickholes what ambition looks like, all while taking on the mother fucking world. I’m outie! *drops mic*

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the original hunties

Michael Clifford as a father