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"i'm not cool enough to be in a band"
Brooklyn Beckham will never want me but I'm still fab

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I feel like all of the fandom should see this.


Luke and Ashton on 99.7 now


Greg: I have to admit I was a 5 Seconds Of Summer virgin this summer but I went to your show at the Fillmore here in San Francisco. I had never even seen you guys before. You guys were amazing.

5SOS: That was a really good show. I hope you had fun.

Greg: I did. I actually met you guys there. I know that you remember me.

Fernando: (laughs)

5SOS: I am sort of a face kind of guy. So if I saw your face … I’d remember those eyes.

Greg: Not to be rude but I was more into Calum – I was trying to stand next to him.

5SOS: No worries, I get that a lot. He’s pretty cute actually.

Greg: He is pretty cute but you are all pretty cute. I give it to you.

Fernando: That’s true. I just saw that Michael got an eyebrow piercing. Who talked him into that.

5SOS: Himself. We went to bed and when we woke up he had an eyebrow piercing. It must have been midnight and he went out on his own and came back the next morning with an eyebrow piercing.

Greg: Do you see why in the United States they don’t let you drink until you are 21? See that is why.

5SOS: I refuse to believe that but it is really annoying.

Fernando: You guys have it so good in Australia.

5SOS: I guess so.

Fernando: You guys are taking over America, you have the number one album on iTunes and you are on track to be number one across the country on Billboard as well. Pretty amazing week for your debut album already.

5SOS: I just really want people to like it. Our fans to love it and people that don’t know our band to really enjoy it and maybe take a second look at us.

Greg: Just so you know your fans text us constantly. They want to hear your music so you have a huge following. How was it being on “Good Morning America”?

5SOS: It was crazy for us to have that opportunity being from Australia.

5SOS: It was actually “The Today Show” though.

Greg: Oh … How was it being on “The Today Show”? I don’t know what channel we are watching in here. I just know I saw you.

Fernando: We get it mixed up.

5SOS: “You were on the TV.” We were on some sort of channel.

Greg: I saw you on the “tellie.”

5SOS: “The Today Show” was crazy. It was very early and the fans were really pumped down there. Making us look good as they always do.

Greg: What is it like to be performing – I was watching this although I didn’t know what I was watching – and these girls are like bawling, bawling while watching you? What does that feel like?

5SOS: Balling? Like a basketball?

Fernando: Crying!

Greg: Crying I mean!

5SOS: It feels good, real good. It is nice – it is really nice – that some young people are getting pumped over some boys with guitars. That is really cool.

Fernando: Your fans really hate it when you guys are described as a “boy band.” Does that really matter to you? Because there aren’t many young bands that appeal to your audience who are actually playing instruments. You guys write your own songs. Does it feel like a bit more of a struggle to be taken seriously?

5SOS: It is not a struggle to be taken seriously. I think if you listen to our music and stuff and give us ten minutes to – I don’t know – understand the band. It is really not a struggle to be taken seriously it is just a struggle to dodge people’s instant thoughts on the band. It is kind of people go, “These guys have girls outside their hotel it must be a boy band. How good are their dance moves. And we don’t blame them because the type of band we are doesn’t exist at the moment except for us.

Fernando: Who did you guys listen to? How did you get inspired to do the rock type of pop music?

5SOS: Green Day, All-American Rejects, Linkin Park, all those bands. It is really cool that bands like that can bring a rock sound and a punky sound to the mainstream and connect to a massive audience. I think it is really impressive.

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We found this in an abandoned parking lot today

this breaks my heart a little


"Free Wi-Fi!"


"Please ask a staff member for details."


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"We are all alone, born alone, die alone, and — in spite of True Romance magazines — we shall all someday look back on our lives and see that, in spite of our company, we were alone the whole way. I do not say lonely — at least, not all the time — but essentially, and finally, alone. This is what makes your self-respect so important, and I don’t see how you can respect yourself if you must look in the hearts and minds of others for your happiness."

- Hunter S. Thompson (via feellng)

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we were about to leave the Grove and through an alleyway i see LUKE FUCKING HEMMING’S HEAD over a wall and shit a brick

*possible spelling mistakes bc it’s 3am srry*

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girls dont want you to be nice to them because they’re girls they want you to be nice to them because they’re human beings and you should be nice to everyone wtf is wrong with you

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when ur mom makes u go to school

when ur mom makes u do chores


This was the best photoshoot you can’t convince me otherwise

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5sos have disappeared from the face of the earth and watch them come back in a day or two with 18 year old luke with a new piercing or tattoo, calum with a tattoo, michael with a different hair color, and ashton is his true form as a kangaroo

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